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  1. Renee says:

    Decorative. Personally I think the parking meters are a disaster. They are a NEGATIVE cash flow for the city for years (costing more for the meter maids and their vehicles than the tickets generate in income!) It would be easy to get rid of the meters. All you have to do is get enough folks to sign a petition to set up an election to put continued use of parking meters on a ballot. Then people will (I would think if they knew the facts) vote for them to be removed. YAY!

  2. Christen Mattix says:

    Renee, wow, I had no idea they were a negative cash flow. I liked picturing all the civic projects that my parking tickets were funding…(I’m being sarcastic.) I heard they are voting on whether to put parking meters in Fairhaven soon too. Why ruin a good thing? Anyway, I found that the stickers boosted my mood tremendously after receiving two parking tickets in one day (for leaving my car in front of my apartment on a Monday). Have a happy day!

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