from “Modern Magic: Building a Tree House for Kids” website

I found this delightful quote about Home, and just had to share it!

Home is not so much a place as it is an attitude; a condition of mind and heart.  Home is where we want to live; where we are at peace.  Home is being free to be ourselves with the people in our lives who love us the way we are.  To be home is to say, “I don’t want to be somewhere else or someone else.  -Anthony Padovano

I think that coming home is a process with frequent lapses when I leave my home of unconditional love for self and others in order to prove that I am loveable or to pretend to be someone that I am not.  Or I fall into fear and grasping for more, and lose the peace that is so freely given to me.  How do I cultivate that fearless, open heart of a child in the face of all that I know of betrayal, loss, and disaster as an adult?  How do I integrate innocence and experience, as William Blake so aptly describes it?  I don’t think it’s something that I achieve by willpower–it is a gift, a grace.  Yes, but there are practices that open the heart.  Some of my favorites are:

-sitting still and being quiet and receptive for 20 minutes aday
-practicing forgiveness and vigilance against resentment
-wasting time at the beach with a book of poems and a cup of tea
-walking on wooded pathways
-heaping kindness on myself especially when I don’t feel I deserve it
-regular therapy and spiritual direction and acupressure
-soaking in long, hot baths
-daily journalling to unload all the bullsh*t in my head, and also find treasures of insight
-spending time with small children
-remembering my heroes who gave their lives for peace, beauty, service
-falling in love, and staying there.


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