A is for Attitude

christenmattixportraitHappy Spring!  It’s been such a long time since I’ve written, and I wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been doing in my quiescence.  I hope you are enjoying some sunshine.  It’s toasty in my apartment today even with the windows open.  I’ve got bread baking, and the scent makes me swoon.  Mostly, I’ve been wrestling with my unwieldy dream of being a full-time, interdisciplinary artist–it just refuses to die so I’ve decided to get back on my bicycle and pedal really, really hard again…just because.

Knitting performance and installation starts up again in just 10 days!  
I am on the home stretch!  This is the fourth year in a row of holding the space at 16th and Taylor and it’s been a powerful, heart-opening experience, as you know.  I expect to complete the project this year.  Stay tuned for the closing celebration!

I’ve been pregnant with paintings.  Most of this work is never going to make it into a gallery, but it’s been fun and soul-nurturing work–and I’ve fallen in love with portrait painting again after a long hiatus.  I would love to do some commissions !

Adore for Web

This is my adorable niece and nephew, Bailey and Jethro.  (Hopefully some day they will form a bluegrass band together with those great Southern names.)

Finally, I’ve been strung out and crazy with excitement over my new cards.  I partnered with the talented people at Lithtex Printers in Bellingham to create 900 of my most beautiful cards yet…It feels like these cards could finally go big now that I no longer have to spend hours hunched over a color copier!
On the other hand, things have been dead on my etsy shop front…
Er, probably because I haven’t been telling anyone about it!   It really needs some TLC.  Anyone want to give my shop a Facebook “Like” here?  Everything helps!
I’m also offering 10 cards at 50 % off.  Lots of other lovely things at christenmattix.etsy.com.
I’ve given my blog a makeover.  Yeah, it was sad to say goodbye to the cute girl with heartshaped glasses but it’s a lot easier to explore now, and you can see my artwork and prints (and even read my resume, if you are really, really bored.)  I also renewed my commitment to give you an ads free blog by paying wordpress a secret sum.  Really guys?  Well, I’m really grateful for such a gorgeous design so I guess I shouldn’t complain…
Also, I’m offering my cards at these local businesses:
Skagit Community Co-op | Bellingham Community Co-op | The Lightcatcher | The Garden Spot
The Gift Nook at Saint Joe’s Medical Center
Thanks for journeying with me.  I promise to blog more regularly soon!

4 thoughts on “A is for Attitude

  1. capitolstorkdc says:

    That painting of the lady with the birds is my favorite. Did you know the symbol of a person with a bird sitting on their head is a symbol of pure enlightenment. What does a lady with four, five? birds on her head mean then??? Beyond bliss. (: Happy Spring Christen!

    • Christen Mattix says:

      Ruth, I love this! I truly wasn’t thinking about enlightenment at all, just the business of juggling many things and keeping it graceful and pretty all at the same time. I am so happy you are on wordpress, Ms. Underhill.

  2. thrownfree says:

    YAY for you! Full of vim and vigor and baking bread at the same time! So are you going full-time as an artist? Is the bike a metaphor or are you really outside, swooping down hills and pedaling away?

    Gorgeous paintings! I especially love that gorgeous blue-eyed nephew in the ears. So lovely.

    Rock on, rock star.

    • Christen Mattix says:

      Oh you. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement just when I really needed it. Every time I put myself out in the world in a big way, I immediately wake up the next day thinking, help, what did I just do that for? So, I guess that’s one of the reasons I need good friends…
      As to your question–I’m taking steps toward going full-time but I’m not there yet!

      Happy writing today! Much love.

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