I listened to the crow tsk-tsking in a tree nearby, and the sea gulls laughing and wailing as they soared on the cool morning breeze.  The sun crested the hill around 9:18 am and caressed my shoulders with a welcome warmth, then went behind clouds.  I saw a car disappear over the hill, then heard it groan as the driver pulled into reverse and backed it precariously up through the intersection.  (The best compliment ever.)  A woman jumped out, her  knee in a velcro wrap, and asked what I was doing and if she could take a picture for Facebook.  I don’t know any artists who refuse free publicity!  I told her this is my 4th year knitting at 16th and Taylor, and she said, “Bless your heart.”  Pippa had a lovely British accent and windblown brown hair.  I hope we meet again.  Lots of other drivers went by nodding or waving.  A little girl in neon tennis shoes said “wow” as she and her dad walked their poodle across the road.

Much has changed.  J. and C, the people who grew free raspberries for the neighborhood, have moved to Blaine to renovate a house.  They tore up the raspberry canes before they left and abandoned them by the road with a “free” sign.  J. gave me two delicate china tea cups left over from the garage sale before she left.  Across from their house, a new building is going up in place of the concrete playground of Lowell school.

Yet, so much remains the same.  I love the continuity of this project, the return to the exact same spot every year.  I can imagine myself coming back to this crooked bench on a mini pilgrimage every year for the rest of my life, even if I don’t knit.


One thought on “Pippa

  1. thrownfree says:

    Yay! I’m so happy you’re back to this wonder! I’m looking forward to getting back in the neighborhood through your compassionate observations.

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