business card mock upA white truck with “Barron Air Ducts” painted on it was parked in front of C. and D.’s home.  “Are you having your air ducts cleaned?” I asked C. who was out deadheading the dandelions before they could spread their seeds.  “You are psychic,” she said.

I arrived bundled up in two coats today–it was only 51 degrees but felt much cooler.  Two crows were having an argument with a seagull on the green roof opposite the bench.  They kept lunging at the seagull who protested with an opened beak while maintaining its prime position in the center of the roof.  I wonder if birds prefer symmetry?  Perhaps they think of the roof as a misshapen tree.  Too, I think the crows are extra testy right now because they’ve got some babies hidden in a nest nearby.  Then again, maybe they’re just prejudiced.

A woman with long, curly brown hair pulled up with her daughter in the seat beside her and asked, “And what is it that you are doing?”  She had an extra low voice and I thought she might be angry.  I told her about the project, and she said, “That’s the best thing I’ve seen in weeks.”  Then she drove away smiling.  A little while later, she came back sans daughter left at school, and asked to take my picture.  “This is the kind of thing that makes life fun,” she said, walking around in her knee high brown boots and snapping pictures.  I gave her my business card with a knitter drawing on it and connections made visible written across the top.  “This is you?” she said.  “I have this card in the door of my car…Connection’s made!” she called over her shoulder as she headed back to her car.

I thought to myself, I’m sitting here with cramps and a wan smile plastered on my face and I just made someone’s day.  Not bad.  Here’s the deal–I grew up thinking that I had to be strong, responsible and very, very happy and cheerful all the time or the world would literally fall apart.  I think being the oldest daughter of 2-8 children (depending on my age) had something to do with it.  But no matter how I got this impression, it is very liberating to realize that it’s not the end of the world to go into a funk for a month, or just a day.  It’s even okay to admit it…publicly.  My computer didn’t go up in flames, my teeth didn’t fall out, my boyfriend still loves me.  Of all the things that could go wrong, nothing did…I even made a friend yesterday.  Maybe being an artist and baring my heart to the world every day isn’t so bad after all.

The FunkyTown Bus is back but I’m not superstitious afterall…


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