How to Be an Artist

The hardest part of my day is usually the moment when I sit down at the computer without a clue what I’m going to write, and write anyway.  I show up.  That is the secret to being a creative person.  It isn’t the magical, intoxicating, “I’m constantly inspired,” life that you might imagine.  Many times, I feel rather like someone who has swallowed a fishbone and gotten it stuck at an angle in my throat who has to stand up anyway in front of a crowd of 500 people to sing an opera.  The second hardest part of my day is getting myself to the bench to knit.  (Today, I managed to arrive sometime after noon, 2.5 hours later than I had intended.  I enjoyed the Fed Ex man who stopped to visit with me briefly and asked me if the knit rope would turn into a bungee cord in the future.  He said I could post an ad for volunteers.)  After I get over my procrastination hurdle, the rest of the day starts chugging along nicely.  It’s not that I don’t LOVE writing and making art.  I do!  It’s just that making art–like anything else worthwhile–takes a LOT of courage.  It requires absolute honesty and conviction.  Sometimes, I don’t want to take that plunge, I want to wallow in a warm bathtub–inhaling bergamot bath salts, sipping rose tea and think about doing brave things instead.


2 thoughts on “How to Be an Artist

  1. ravenandsparrow says:

    It is hard to bring yourself daily to what must be done, especially when the impetus is internal…your own demands as opposed to the demands of others. I only get to my textile work by thinking about how unhappy I am when I don’t. Keep knitting Christen!

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