One of the big, fluffy neighborhood peonies that explodes like popcorn out of a tiny, tight bud.

“Do you mind if I ask you what you’re making?”
“I’m knitting a ‘stream’ down to the Bay.”
“Oh…Ok…” (nervous laugh)

That was yesterday.  Roasty toasty on the bench.  78 degrees and it’s not even technically summer yet.  The sun keeps coming up earlier and earlier.  I’m going to have a burn line on my neck if I have to keep this up much longer.  Today G. and R. (founders of the walking club) stopped to visit with me, motioning to a truck driver to drive over the knit line.  “That shows how much they respect your knitting,” they told me as the driver finally decided to drive over the rope, a large grin on his face.

Candy passed with two of her mini-collies on leash, young ones in training.  They stood cowering at the intersection.  This year, I have heard far less barking emitting from her yard.  The neighbors must be happy…

No profound thoughts today.  Quite the contrary.  I thought about underwear instead.  I was wearing this retro brown pair edged with lace that always gives me wedgies.  I know wedgies will happen and I still wear them.  The point is to discretely remove the wedgie without anyone else noticing.  It’s a real art.  I overheard the walkers discussing tiny underwear for joggers that wicks sweat away.  And then a bit later, they started discussing leggings.  “I wouldn’t wear them to the office.  Leggings are not pants, just as a bra is not a shirt.”

I also officially met the man who picks up C.’s black garbage bag of grass clippings.  “I forgot your name,” he said even though I never told him.  He said his name is Fred “as in Flintstone.”  He asked me where I grew up so we started talking about Thailand.  His nephew, a pilot, retired early to live in Thailand where the cost of living is so much lower.  He then met and married a Thai woman in a Buddhist wedding ceremony, and now he’s staying there for good.

This weekend, I plan to unroll the knit line and see how far it goes.  Who knows, it might actually reach the water.  G. and R. told me there are two high tides and two low tides every day.  I am definitely going to aim for high tide.


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