It’s been a whirlwind of a week.  I’ve started getting up at 5:45, to make it to my knit in time before class every Tuesday and Thursday.  (It takes me a while to get going in the morning so I need lots of buffer).  We’re in the midst of a record heatwave–2015 is set to be the hottest year in known history.  Even at 8:30, the bench is already warm.  On Wednesday, I met Pablo Shurgurensky and Jacob Dahlgren.  Pablo happens to be an art advisor, the former director of the Microsoft art collection…I was surprised at how taken he was with my knitting project.  He gave me a lot of great input, and it’s given me a much better sense of the direction that I want to take my work.  He advised me to scrap my idea of making a knit “sea” and rowboat after I finish the project, and just keep the hose reel which he felt was strong enough to stand on its own.  He said many beautiful things about my project, words which assured me that he understood the spirit of my work.  Here’s his lovely post:  https://metaarte.net/blog/

Yesterday, I unwound the line to see if it had arrived at the Bay.  I was dogged by the thought that perhaps it had already gotten there, and I was just wasting my time now…Strange to worry about wasting time anymore!  A lot of walkers stopped to ask what I was making…One man told me, “That’s a lot of climbing rope.”  Almost everyone wants to know my purpose, as if knitting to the sea is not reason enough but I think it is.  I like the story of the climber who when asked why he summited mountains, said, “Because I can.”

I also encountered a beautiful older woman with black glasses and an electric pink shirt out walking her dog.  I smiled at her and said hi as I reeled the knit line up the sidewalk.  Her husband stepped forward and bent over to take a closer look at the line, and she said, “Stay out of it!  Stay out of it!”  Her tone of voice was the kind you would use for a disobedient dog that was sticking its nose in something rotten.  There is something powerful and transgressive about art and free expression, bordering on mystery and magic, and I think it terrifies some people.  I smiled to myself, feeling witchy!

Once again, I really expected the line to reach the water.  People have been coming up to me recently and saying, “Surely you’ve reached the water by now.”  But when the rope was fully unwound, it merely extended to the end of the boardwalk.  There is an additional dock where people like to dive off that extends straight off the end of the boardwalk, and the line will run down it to the water eventually.  Looks like another month or so.  If you didn’t know better, you would think that I was purposely extending this project for the sake of my artistic career!  It certainly has been amazing to meet people through this unlikely work of mine.  But in all honesty, I would rather sleep in and start the day in a leisurely fashion.  I feel like I’m being stretched beyond my personal limits, between knitting, blogging and teaching 10 hours a week plus caregiving on the weekends.  Somehow I continue…pure grace.


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