June 29.2015

June 29 2015 Ty June 29 2015 me June 29 2015I’ve found a new way to interact with passersby–I ask them to take a picture of me.  So far, no one has turned me down in two days.  It was fun to see the tall manager from SPIE lying down on the grass by the hosereel to shoot a photo.  He’s always so affable, out walking on business meetings with his employees.  Both yesterday and today have seen skies full of clouds.  I have never been so happy to see clouds in my life.  A cooling breeze too.

E. crested the hill, towed by his dog Buster.  “You’re braving the hill today, eh?” I said.  “Ask him,” E. said looking at his dog.  He is the only person I know whose dog walks him.  I told E. I was thinking about painting the bench blue after the knit is complete.  “You better use a stain, because if you use regular paint it will look like shit,” E. said.  He’s always so blunt, with a raspy voice.  “Right now it’s ugly, but at least it’s uniformly ugly…and you know, I’m not going to maintain it, and neither are they–” (gesturing in the direction of the C. and D.’s house.  The little neighbor boy Ty appeared and Buster leapt up to see him.  Then E. said to all of us, “Good Morning and Goodbye,” and Ty chanted it up the sidewalk, “Good Morning and Goodbye!”

I feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today, wearing lots of patterns: plaid, polka dots and stripes.  I’m grateful to be an artist whether or not I get my 15 minutes of fame…There is joy in the making…

But I am going to try to give the museum curator a call this week!


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