C. and Me

July 13, C and Me

July 13 2015

July 13 Water

July 14 2015

July 14, X Marks the Spot (afternoon knit)

July 15 2015

July 15, 2015 

I can’t get rid of italics tonight so I’m just going to roll with it.  I just received the picture of C. and me from Gabriel Newton, an artist who called out from his car, “Permission to pass?”  I’m so glad he captured this picture of me with my lovely neighbor…it’s a memory I will savor for years to come.  I’ve been feeling an urgency about showing up for my knit on time.  In the past week or so, I’ve missed two encounters simply by not coming to the bench at my normal time.  Today I forgot to set my alarm and slept in.  I decided to drive to the bench and arrived within 10 minutes of 8:30.  So glad I hustled, because the minute I arrived at the bench, my friend M. came strolling towards me from her car.  “Need some help?” she asked as she gazed down at the yarn tangled around the hose reel’s wheel due to my lack of mindfulness last night.  What would have taken me an entire hour to undo, took M. about 5 minutes.  She gently loosened the mess, gave it a few wiggles and it all came free of the wheel in one piece.  Another reminder that I am not meant to make this journey alone.  Help appears when I need it.  Friends listen and cheer me on.  I am incredibly blessed.  M. and I talked about some of the challenges that we each face.  She talked about wanting to shift her perspective of the situation and seeing it in a positive light instead of running away.  Quantum physics–your perspective changes your reality.  I used to think that was a bunch of New Age baloney, but now I’ve realized there’s a great deal of truth in it. I think we’re all contributing to “reality” by our attitudes and perspectives, and when one of us shifts for the better, we set in motion the possibility for others to shift as well.  We are all tributaries flowing into the sea.


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