Wait, It’s Not Over Yet!

melanie chambers 3

photo by Melanie Chambers

If you are like me, the arrival of the knit line at the Bay crept up on you unawares, and perhaps you are wondering, “Now what?”  Actually, the work is not complete.  The 3.5 year labor of knitting is done, yes, but the artwork is nowhere near finished.  I need you to complete the work…your presence, your imagination, and your magical powers of memory.  I need you to witness the moment when the knit line finally touches the salty brine, when the bench and the Bay are united for a brief moment in time…As you recall, I purposely held off from that moment of consummation because I wanted you to be there.  I am not sure you realize this, but I don’t really think of the knitting as the “art.”  At the very most, I only see it as half of the equation–you and the community of South Hill are the other necessary half.  The work is as much about the connections that we have knit together over these rich years as it is about the blue knit rope.  Without you, I’d just have a large pile of cord to stow away in the basement somewhere.  Now that the knitting is done, I’m thinking more and more about the other half of the equation…how to honor the spiritual bonds that we have formed.  I think a reception is in order with plenty of food and drink, reminiscing and storytelling.  Let’s make some new memories!  For me, the lived experience is where the juice and joy are found, and I’d love to share this one with you.  This is how I’m picturing it, but tell me what you think: we meet at the bench, and then we walk together down the hill as I unwind the line all the way down to the water.  Once we get there, we celebrate!  It would just be members of the community–I’m not inviting the paparrazi!  I wish we could have champagne or wine but I’m a little worried about getting busted.  Is it worth it?!  I get to spend some time with you in person, and hopefully listen to you, for once.  I’m really excited about that part because I’ve shared my intense, soul-searching journey with you all these years, and now I would love to hear yours, and at the very least, say thank you.  Knowing that you were listening gave me the courage to open up to whole new levels of insight and honesty.  Though most of the time you’ve been silent, I have sensed your faith in the value of this project, my writing, me.  I’ve never considered myself a writer, but because you readers showed up, I kept writing.

So, I’ve put August 1 from 6-8 down in my calendar as a tentative date for the celebration.  I hope it gives you enough time to plan.  I’ll let you know when I’ve finalized the dates.

Much love and gratitude,



6 thoughts on “Wait, It’s Not Over Yet!

  1. thrownfree says:

    Yay! I like this and the next entry–for sure something comes next. No doubt. I’ve long been envisioning you turning this into some kind of book, but an art installation would be amazing too. What if you made wire frames of the people you met, especially the ones you re-encountered throughout the knit, then wrapped the figure frames– gave them ‘flesh’ with the blue line– the blue line that connects all the figures and the spaces of the knit? I’m sure you’ll think of something wonderful!

    If we can’t be there in flesh we will certainly be there in spirit!

  2. Christen Mattix says:

    Hmmm. So much to ponder! Thanks for sharing your visions. It will be a trick to translate this experience into a gallery space–much will be left for the imagination.

    Hope your editing is going well today! Thanks for your update on Wazoo Goes West.

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