Skein: The Heartbreaks and Triumphs of a Long Distance Knitter

Skein Front CoverHello Friends!

I’m really excited to share with you my news–I’m wrapping up the final details of my book SKEIN, coming in the Fall 2017!  There are ever so many fine details to attend to, and I’m giving it my ALL to create something that’s totally unique, spell-binding and intimate.  Here’s the back cover text that I’ve written thus far–as always, I welcome any feedback as to how to expand or improve it.  Also if anyone wants to write a captivating blurb endorsing my book, I would love that too 🙂

At 34, Christen Mattix is unemployed and lonely when, on a whim, she decides to knit a halfmile blue line from a bench to Bellingham Bay, a decision that cracks open a world of social interaction with her lovable and quirky neighbors.  What began as a whim turns into a calling, as the time frame stretches from an anticipated summer project to a 3+ year marathon of daily knitting. In the process, Mattix falls in love with God, dates a follower of her blog, and recommits herself to the crazy life of a contemporary artist. Told with open-eyed honesty and self-deprecating humor, Skein is both an intimate glimpse into Mattix’s psyche and a warm and sparkling account of a real neighborhood with all its joy and sorrow. Knitting by streetlight, in downpours, and record breaking heat, Mattix finally arrives at the Bay.  In the end, her greatest artwork may be the neighborhood that comes together in radical celebration and love.

skein back cover


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