The Eye of the Universe Winks


“Dancing with the Stars” copyright Alfredo Arreguin

So much needs saying, and no
words come. My too small
life, zigzags
stitched on my grandma’s
singer sewing
a streaky
in one

Our Lady of Poetry
pray for us.
moths and monkeys
pray for us

A seething mass of vegetation where birds
with no names call
in a language

I don’t understand.

Butterflies, lynx
pray for us.
Cesar Chavez
pray for us.  Ultramarine sky
shattered in a thousand points
of Light
pray for us.

My whole life feels miraculous,
Alfredo said. Kaleidoscope
of ghost salmon surf Hokusai’s
wave, stars

He gets lost, makes better mistakes
than he planned,
painting whispers.

Where figure dissolves
into ground and all is won-
der. Beyond
space-time, a moment containing
all moments
eternally fixed in
Frida’s stare.


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